LETC year ender: the Seven Deadly Tri Sins

Its what you've all been waiting for! This year it is at Dave Taylor's place and the address will be e.mailed out... our spys tell us Stephanie can crawl home from there if she is still in heavy training for the beer mile :-)

Saturday November 1, 2008 Show up after 6:00 and the food will be served around 7:00

Food will be pot luck, a pasta dish, chilli (meat) and leg of lamb will be supplied, but we need you to bring an appy, veggie sides and desert. Dave has volunteered to supply the drinks.

Theme "7 Deadly Tri Sins"... we don't even know what they are, so come up with something good and baaaad!

Wear them, bring 'em, dress sinfully and bring plain rice or dress like a nun and bring a decadent dish... It's your choice.

Please RSVP to Bronwyn and let her know if you're bringing an appy, side or desert, not just because she likes counting things but also so we can share the tastes and count the numbers.

See you all there!