Game on!

The LETC "who am I?" contest is back! Another LETC peep has stupidly bravely forwarded us a picture for our entertainment!  He he he

"Who am I?  Who?  Who?

So, the generic kid on the right is a current LETC member.  The other is the generic kid's sister.

Game on!

Next up...

Send us pics of yourself with wild, nasty, weird, once-trendy-now-laughable, unbelievable hairstyles! Mullets, crew cuts, beehives, afros, you name it!

Enter more than once if you've got a DSM-IVR thing goin' with your hair.  Even "memorable" facial hair can count.  Crazy eyebrows? Send 'em in.

We'll set up a mix-and-match of the 'Do's of the Dudes and the Dames...