LETC; whatcha doin' for October, November and December?

What will you do with all your free time until January now that LETC is in fall break? How about help us plan for an awesome 2009?  We've begun planning for the 2009 season by sending out a members' survey to get your feedback- so fill it in!  Without your feedback we won't know what you liked and did not like about 2008.  So help us become better...

Fill in the survey you were e.mailed!

We're also planning the 2008 AGM and year end party :-)

And if you'd like to help in running the best triathlon club in Vancouver... BC... Canada... we'd love to have more help!  Talk to Heather or Mary about how you can get involved for 2009.

Some upcoming events- Turkey Trot 10 km run, H2H, Fall Classic 10 km and half-marathon, James Cunningham Seawall run,... more than enough to keep you busy and away from the butter tarts ;-)

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