Joanne Fox with her wet weather bike.

Joanne Fox - August 2008 Instructor, Michael Smith Laboratories Commute Mode: Transit, cycling...and running!

Joanne Fox is an instructor at the Michael Smith Laboratories who is heavily involved in the various science education programs of the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory. Her work naturally takes her into teaching laboratories, science outreach sessions, high school programs, camps for kids and many different projects across campus including the Terry ( global citizenship project.

Her commute takes her 22km from Steveston in Richmond to UBC's main campus. Some days, she catches the bus. Some days, she rides her bike or carpools. Other days, it's a combination of the three. This Microbiology & Immunology instructor has even been known to run home from her classes! Joanne has always enjoyed riding her bike and her commuting habits have continued on from a time when she lived closer to campus. Her need to find challenging and creative ways to commute is driven by her need to be entertained on the way to and from work, and so driving solo in a car just won't do.

Being outdoors during her commute is among one of Joanne's favorite things. However, she does acknowledge that there is room for improvement when it comes to safety and cycling in traffic. She feels that a move towards bike lanes which are separated from vehicle traffic will make for much safer cycling infrastructure. On a smaller-scale, Joanne hopes UBC will continue supporting sustainable transportation by creating more showering and locker facilities for cyclists, along with implementing a faculty and staff U-Pass.

She has also always been an active person at heart, and so being able to incorporate any activity into her commute is a great source of personal satisfaction. Moreover, it also allows Joanne to be conscious of making a sustainable transportation choice in her everyday life. Speaking of active and entertaining, Dr. Fox was recently available to combine both as she raced a car-driving co-worker home to Steveston. After leaving work at the same time, she caught up and passed her emissions-producing colleague. A testament to rush hour traffic in Metro Vancouver, Joanne demonstrates that sustainable transportation does not necessarily mean a longer commute!

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