LETC DL update

One more... Brenda joined the fun Tuesday night for her first crit race at UBC with Stepanie and Penny in the novice women's race.  Stephanie took the "Grunt" award with a noble sprint that came up just a half wheel short in second, hence The Grunt.  Way to go ladies!

In the women's Cat 1-2-3 race, Martina is returning to her racing form finishing second to seasoned rider Barb Zimich- despite a 4:00 hour monster ride on Saturday that featured not just one, or even two ascents of Seymour, but three!!! :P

Rob raced a safe crit in the novice men's event despite some sketchy and twitchy guys in the pack.  Rob's cautious tactical observations were well founded as he foresaw a crash on the final corner, and sneaked on for a top 10 finish.  Atta Boy!

In the men's cat 4, coach Alan continued to beat his head on the wall trying to figure out how to crack the pack and get away in a break.  Again, no luck...

Feel like you'd like to give draft legal bike racing a try?  Talk to da coaches!


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