weekend updates

weekend past

We missed one result from the July 12-13 weekend.  Justine raced on the Island at the Triathlon of Compassion and finished 2nd woman overall (and 2nd F2029 as well)

18 2F20-29 Justine Clift 8:13 36:24 20:45 1:05:22

weekend future

Neither Alan or Andrew will be at the Sunday workout, so it is uncoached.  However, we're recommending everyone signs up for the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association's Kit's Challenge open water event July 20.

You can swim 750, 1500, 3000 or 6000 m OR do a 4 x 1500 m relay...

Registration opens at 7:00 AM Location: Kitsilano Beach

The 6 km race starts at 8:30 AM registration cut off at 7:45 AM The 3 km race starts at 8:45 AM registration cut off at 8:00 AM The 1.5 km and the 750 metres races start at 9:45 AM - registration cut off is 9:00 AM

Relay is 4 x 1.5km Fee: $30.00 Cdn (per person) NOTE: day of race registration opens at 7:15 - cash only. Relay Team entries - Every person needs to enter for the relay team.

No excuses- sign up now and get more open water racing experience!