Canada Day Challenge- 20 LETC swimmers!

LETC had a great showing at the Canada Day Challenge open water swim- 20 peeps took to the water over 1, 2 and 4 km challenges.

1 km
26 3W25-29 0:16:38 Christine Tam
2 km
1 1M35-39 0:26:03 Alan Carlsson
4 1W40-44 0:27:33 Stephanie Kieffer
12 1M25-29 0:29:11 David Roulston
14 2W25-29 0:29:24 Martina Wan
18 2W35-39 0:29:40 Suzanne Chandler
22 2W30-34 0:30:38 Marie Campbell
26 3W35-39 0:32:09 Kathy Norton
38 4M25-29 0:33:13 Rob Eakin
47 4W45-49 0:34:45 Teresa Nicolson
60 4W30-34 0:36:58 Kristina Bangma
63 6W45-49 0:37:19 Bronwyn Masson
62 6W30-34 0:38:41 Liz Urbach
75 5W40-44 0:39:37 April Haffenden
80 9W35-39 0:40:02 Alison Thompson
91 6M35-39 0:41:30 Craig Pond
125 2W6-69 0:52:57 Mary Battell
4 km
13 1M40-44 0:55:10 Jean-Yves Sauriol
48 7W30-34 1:09:00 Penny Lidstone
59 6W40-44 1:15:12 Brenda Lomax

Our own Martina Wan then did a modified T1 and hopped on her bike to take on the Yaletown Grandprix bike criterium along with adopted LETC team mate Rachel McBride.

Rachel showinng that triathletes can do crits too!

Negotiating a high speed corner in Yaletown

Together they schooled the cat 4 women's pack by lapping almost the entire field!  The pair managed to avoid a number of crashes on the six corner course in Yaletown and are looking ready to make a serious impact as elite triathletes at the Canadian National Triathlon Championships in Kelowna this August!


Joanne Fox did the Canada Day Populaire bike ride over the 141 km route (+7 km getting lost) = ~148km in 5hrs:48 min then rode home to Richmond (~200 km for the day). Another epic way to spend Canada Day.

Full report at:

Two weekends to go until Seattle to Portland bike ride!