LETC June 30-July 6

The current week of traininng is posted under LETC training program and was e.mailed to club members over the weekend. Some things to know... first this is a hard week of training.  So no sob stories about being tired and workouts being tough ;-)

Tuesday: VOWSA Canada Day Challenge open water swim races at Sasamat Lake

Registrations Times:

4km - 6:45 a.m - 7:45 a.m registration cutoff - 8:05 am 2km - 7:30 a.m - 8:15 a.m registration cutoff - 8:25 am 1km - 8:15 a.m - 9:00 a.m.registration cutoff - 9:10 am

Start Times:

4km men - 08:30; 4 km women - 08:35 2km men - 08:45; 2 km women - 08:50 1km men and women - 09:30

Yaletown bike crits (1:00 pm for the tri grrls who are tearing up the Tuesday Night Crits at UBC, 1:35 for the guys)

Wednesday: Mt Seymour hillclimb workout meeting at Ron Adrews Rec Centre just off of Mt Seymour Parkway on Lytton St.  Be ready to roll out at 6:30 pm.  There are washrooms / change rooms in the rec centre just in case.  The hillclimb is self paced and can be anything from "make it to the top" to "race to the top" to hill intervals.  For those racing the Desert Half this weekend- you can do 1-2 loops of the Mt Seymour Parkway-Dolalrton highway loop that is an easier 15 km option of rolling hills.

Thursday: Jericho east meeting point by the life guard station for 1-3 x 1000 / 1500 m intervals.  Be there ready to run for 6:30 pm

Saturday: long ride from Bean Around on Cornwall at 8 am

Sunday: 9 am swim from Kit's Beach then long easy run

The Canadian Long Course Triathlon Championships are this Sunday in Osoyoos BC.  There are a number of LETC peeps making the pilgimage into the mountains for this event in the hope of securing a National Team spot for the 2009 ITU Long Course World Championships in Australia!  Good luck!

Remember if you're racing in the next two weeks talk to da coaches to have your training plan adapted to your goals.

Alan & Andrew