LETC this week...

This is a recovery week for the club, so take advantage of it!  Next week we have performance time trials in the works...


6:30 pm bike: we're meeting at base of Cypress by the road up to Mulgrave School.  This is not an uphill time trial, just a nice long climbing workout... Please dress appropriately for a cold descent even though the weather forecast says "sunny and 17 C"!
We start riding from here, so if you want a little more warm up than the first 2 km on the relatively flat approach, do that before 6:30.


6:30 pm run from Jericho East for an easy self paced run along Spanish Banks


8:00 am (corrected from 9:00 am in the previous e.mail) long easy ride from Cuppa Joe. The route is TBD- but we're thinking Marine Dr to Iona Spit and back to keep it easy and in line with "recovery" week


9 am open water swim at Sasamat followed by easy trail run. We'll meet at the White Pine end of the beach.  Please arrive early and be ready to swim (i.e. all wetsuited up by 9 am)


Oliver sprint: we have one group heading to the interior

Provincials: we have a second group heading way past the interior to Cranbrook for Provincials

training plan, updatesAlan