I would like to thank...

Every Sunday morning my father tunes in via the Internet to Bishop FM, an online radio station out of the North East of England. He e-mails them frequently through the show with requests and comments. Surprisingly they listen. Anyway yesterday he dedicated a song to me. Everyone take a moment to decide what you would dedicate to me. Done laughing? Anyway my Dad dedicated “We are the Champions” by Queen. I was a little embarrassed but as I listened to the lyrics the “WE” really resonated with me. It was amazing Saturday to meet a goal that I hoped for but never truly believed I could do. After a great race I often e-mail Alan and thank him. After this amazing race I need to thank the whole club and other training partners. There were so many of you that I actually thought of while I raced. As I battled the waves I thought of club members who are not that strong of swimmers and realized that you all would battle through and got my head back into the race, stopped swimming breaststroke and put some distance between myself and the pack. Martina passed me 2 minutes into my first bike loop. I think I yelled out “you go girrl” but I was quickly brought back to Wednesday time trials and passed her back (after I dropped out of the draft zone of course). Boy does she really push me. As my legs began to burn I thought of Jessica and her ability to cycle through the pain. If I want to ride that fast I have to work that hard. Kristina’s words of wisdom about her pedal strokes on the uphill had me flying by others up Prospect point. Her imagery of "straights" and not corners helped keep my hands off the brakes on the downhill (except when I was running out of open space). As I ran I pictured the fast, fluid steps of Zosia and my sister (at least until I saw the video of me running….black tri shorts would be so much more flattering). And then there were the many of you I did not need to think about as you were there cheering or volunteering (and cheering). Thank you!

Andrew and Alan you have created a wonderful training environment with a perfect balance of seriousness and fun where moderately talented athletes like me can achieve incredible things.

If you question the moderately talented piece here are my times from the 2002 Vancouver triathlon -

2:35:51 Kieffer, Stephanie swim 23:37 bike 1:24:31 run 47:43


And while you can’t compare the swim times the bike is the exact same course and if my math is correct I did it this year in 1:05.30. See what a great influence you have all been. But there is still work to do as I will only be averaging 30km/hr going down Cypress on Wednesday. Less if it is raining. Thanks team.