LETC's World Champion!

ITU Olympic Distance age group race results

Congrats to all LETC athletes who survived this tough and challenging day. At the end of the day we had two podium finished;

  • Stephanie Kieffer- WORLD CHAMPION W4044!
  • Martina Wan- Bronze medalist W2529!

Two out of the eight Canadian women's Olympic Distance medals to our own LETC team mates! That's 25% of the hardware!!! Way to go ladies!

Cold and rough water lead to a shortened swim, and apparently the men were prematurely "warming their wetsuits" and said in a collectively deep, brave and masculine voice that they were "concerned about the <ahem> safety of the less fit competitors and thought canceling the swim would be best"

Looks like the LETC women win again!

Women (<1500 m swim - 40 km bike - 10 km run)

Martina Wan 3W25-29 2:04:00
Zosia Brown 7W25-29 2:05:38
Stephanie Kieffer 1W40-44 2:07:57
Jessica Depew 6W30-34 2:11:49
Suzanne Chandler 7W35-39 2:12:30
Kristina Bangma 35W3034 2:17:30
Brenda Lomax 21W4549 2:23:11
Liz Urbach 57W3034 2:25:06
Joanne Fox 58W30-34 2:25:10
Bronwyn Masson 43W4549 2:36:35

Men (3 km run - 40 km bike - 10 km run)

Rob Eakin 73M2539 1:54:28
Elvis Cepus 91M3539 2:16:10
Andrew Tuovinen 17M4549 1:49:16
Jean Yves Sauriol 22M4549 1:50:46
Dave Taylor 58M5054 2:05:31

For full unofficial results click here

Once again LETC demonstrated that our members are why we are such an amazing team; the whole club took to the start line over the three days at Worlds either as competitors, volunteers, officials, supporters and best of all rabid fans.

LETC bleacher creatures on the loose in Stanley Park!

We're more than a club- thanks for being the best triathlon team in Canada!

Alan & Andrew

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