Joanne's race report

From Joanne's blog 12° C water, 4-6 ft swell and crazy ocean currents. It was so crazy. Just after we started, the wind whipped up and the waves started. At the second buoy, I was thinking to myself — where the hell did these waves come from. Stroke, stroke, weeeeee…. Sometimes, I swear I was swimming uphill. You were often drinking sea water when you expected to be breathing. One time, I stopped and bobbed for a second - and thought I wonder if that girl needs rescuing. The swells were so big that the buoys, and even the lifeguard boats, would bob in and out of view. It was the craziest swim I have ever done. One to go down in the memory books, that’s for sure.

Check out this footage of the crazy swim conditions today.

Believe it or not, it was fun. I had no chance to stress about the cold 12oC water with a swim like that one. It was full on survival mode. It was like we were swimming to shore after a shipwreck, or something. Apparently, many swimmers had to be pulled off the course. Two swimmers from my heat didn’t even get to the first buoy before they were rescued. The lifeguards were having such a difficult time covering the course that the ITU actually had to CANCEL the swim for the heats that followed us.

After exiting from the swim, my feet were totally numb. I was seriously cold. I knew I would be cold. I was ready with my “Are you still having fun?” question so I took the extra time to put on a bike jacket at the transition. You can see from the picture below that I wasn’t in too much of a hurry. The bike was fun. I even stopped to do my jacket up - [laugh] - I’m such an amateur. Even so, I passed lots of people on the descents. I enjoyed seeing Teresa at the top of prospect point hill. I also heard Torb, Jane, and Dave every time I rounded the corner for another loop. As I warmed up a little on the bike I got progressively faster on my loops. I tried to loosen my bike shoes way off to try and get my feet back but no - I was to have no feet for the rest of the run.

On the run, I started off mostly focussed on my feet - and the fact that I couldn’t feel them. Then after passing an inspiring young AWAD athlete running on an artifical leg, I thought to myself, “No complaining about your feet, look at that gal ripping it up!!!” The LETC super fans were out in strong force and I enjoyed the support from everyone along the way. Thanks to Alison, Marie, Colleen, Amy, Brian, Andrew, Erin, Heather, Mary, Clayton, Teresa, April, Jean-Yves, Alan, Andrew, Jess, Dave, KC, Rachel, and everyone else who cheered me on along the way. My run didn’t feel particularly fast, but I had a good time out there. I smiled a lot - and enjoyed the experience.

I finished in 2:25:10.20, 58th overall and the 9th Canadian to cross the line (more results here). It was a good race experience. I’m pleased with my performance.

Here are some pictures from my Worlds experience so far. I’ve got more pictures to add and I’ll make sure to add a link to my full gallery here.

team Canada shirts
Brian, Amy, Joanne
dolphin kick
curious dolphin
dorky Joanne
best friends
love this shot
scared of 12oC water
relaxed transition
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