LETC coaching for World's weekend

Hiya LETC peeps, As you've guessed by now, we have a lot of members racing this Friday-Saturday at the ITU World Championships. As such all LETC club workouts this weekend are uncoached. You're on your own, follow the club schedule and come out to cheer when you can.

The Sunday swim workout is posted on the LETC training program page

Coach Andrew is racing, so please respect his race preparation and direct all race day questions to Alan (unless Andrew is your personal coach of course...) Alan can be reached on his cell from 5 am onward Friday and Saturday for the athletes racing Worlds.

No promises of an in person showing Friday for the Sprint Worlds group, but Alan and Andrew will see what they can do.

While it's hard to say where Alan will be on Saturday, here are some best guesses;

  • on site by 5:30-5:45
  • T1-2 / swim start 5:30 - 7:45
  • T1-2 / bike course / run course 7:45- 12:00 or so
  • T1-2 / finish 12:00 onwards

For help with strategic LETC cheering locations- check the LETC Map of the Worlds

Alan & Andrew