LETC Peeps at ITU Worlds- start times

LETC is super proud to have 18 club members taking the start at the ITU Age Group World Championships in Vancouver this Friday June 6 and Saturday June 7. Below is a summarized start list for LETC. If you're looking for help on where to watch the race and road closures, Rob prepared a great Google Map with suggestions.

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More "targeted" spectator places will be added as race days approach, so you can cheer on our guys and gals where they'll need it the most!

Friday June 6 Sprint

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  • F2529 06:30 Amy Saari
  • F3039 06:40 Lynda McCue
  • M2529 07:50 Brian Roth
  • M3034 07:50 Andrew Harlos

Saturday June 7 Olympic Distance

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  • F2529 0:7:25 Martina Wan Zosia Brown
  • F3034 07:35 Joanne Fox Kristina Bangma Liz Urbach
  • F3539 07:45 Jessica Depew Suzanne Chandler
  • F4044 07:55 Stephanie Kieffer
  • F4549 08:00 Bronwyn Masson Brenda Lomax
  • M5054 08:25 David Taylor
  • M2529 09:15 Rob Eakin
  • M4044 09:45 Elvis Cepus
  • M4549 09:55 Andrew Tuovinen Jean Yves Sauriol