Weekend swim...

We're into open water swimming now, no more pool sessions. The ocean isn't that bad at 15° C, so this Sunday we're meeting at Kit's beach by the lifeguard station/washrooms/Watermark restaurant at 9 am.

Please be in your wetsuit by 9 am. Not wandering up at 9 in your pj's with your wetsuit in one hand, and a coffee in the other... Stan!  We all know getting into a wetsuit is a 5 min process for some and for others it can take, longer... ahem!

We're working on learning to be comfortable in open water, remembering how to swim in a wetsuit, and other basics along with an easy distance swim.  Maybe a few faster pieces...

The water is cold, so please bring warm clothes for after the swim!

Alan and Andrew

BTW on Sunday the tides are super low at 10:30 am so it will be a long walk out to swimming depth.

REMINDER: Don't bring any valuables with you as there may not be anyone to watch them while Alan is coaching.  Leave them locked up in your car, or someone else's car.