Saturday rides: new and improved!

We are trying a new approach to the long bike rides, similar to other bike clubs in the area.  The ride will continue to be uncoached, but with possible cameo appearances by one or both coaches.

New time: 8:00 am start - the group will leave on time.

New meeting place: Bean Around the World Coffees - 1945 Cornwall Avenue (between Cypress and Maple) The route will be north on Burrard, down to Beach Ave, back up to Pacific (usual bike route) and through Stanley park to the Lions Gate Bridge.  Ultimately, the destination is to Horseshoe Bay/Whitecliff Park and return.  Those of you who would like to meet up with the group somewhere along the way will be able to do so by estimating the ride time to various points and joining in as we go by.

This will not be like the transit system, no designated 'stops' to meet up with riders who opt to join in part way along the route.  You will need to be there when we ride by.

Everyone is riding at least 2 to 3 hours by now, so the trip towards Horseshoe Bay is the perfect distance and has a good variety of terrain.  Those of you going longer can choose to add on time on the return portion of the ride (by staying on the North Shore) or by returning with the group to Vancouver and going off from there.

Remember to obey the rules of the road, do not block any vehicles.  Where there is only one lane and no shoulder, the group is to ride single file.  At other times, two abreast is acceptable pack riding.  Keep together as much as possible, it is an EASY LONG DISTANCE ride.

We are looking for ideas for destination rides, possibly for recovery weeks.  We would meet out of town - Chillawack, Delta, Mt. Baker, etc. and do an easy ride in new territory.  Those of you with ideas for these rides, please share them with us.

Happy Cycling!

LETC Board Members and Coaches