LETC- Vegas style

With the Delta tri on this weekend the LETC bookies are looking at setting the odds for the race. As with many sporting events simply picking a winner isn't enough, you have to cover the points spread, or in this case the time spread as well. So, you guys get to help set the overall time spreads, or you can pick individual event spreads for the swim bike and run. From there, the bookies (you guys) will set the odds of the athlete beating the spread.

For example; Amy might (hypothetically) pick Brian as running 23 min to Stephanie's 21 min. Our run spread is 2 min in favour of Stephanie. If Brian is within that 2 minutes, Brian pays off.

Now setting the odds on Brian being within 2 minutes would be tricky; both did the Sun Run on Sunday. Brian in 47 or so, Stephanie in 41 or so. Stephanie is getting ready for Worlds, so is Brian. Brian also training for the half-marathon. Stephanie has her three kids. Brian's overcome his back injury and running way faster. Stephanie ran Wednesday am and did over 10 km of speed work at her target 10 km pace. Brian slept in.

Go check some historical results (2007 Delta Tri; Brian ran 25:47 Stephanie ran 20:30) and so on...

So odds look like they are in favour of Stephanie here, so Brian would pay off at 10-1 should he be within 2 minutes of Steph on the run. Overall is whole other game...

Here's our list of participants (let me know if I missed anyone!);

  • Alan
  • Amy
  • Brian
  • Christine
  • Ian (Amy's bro')
  • Kristina
  • Martina
  • Mary
  • Stephanie

Go to it!