UBC tri and du

This past Sunday was the 08 season's opener UBC triathlon & duathlon.

LETC had a great showing with 15 participants. Here are the results... splits were not available yet, so check back later for those. Or better yet, go to the results site...

Wanna see some pics? Follow this link to Rob Eakin's UBC album.

7F3034 Marie CAMPBELL 2:49:25.8
2M2529 Rob EAKIN 1:13:10.1
13M2529 Brian ROTH 1:23:05.6
4F2529 Amy SAARI 1:24:45.1
2F3034 Lindsey LIDDIARD 1:31:04.0
2M3539 Ash SINGHAL 1:01:53.3
2F2529 Martina WAN 1:16:12.3
3F2529 Zosia BROWN 1:18:46.0
1M3034 Grant FOX 1:24:23.8
1F3034 Kristina BANGMA 1:21:40.3
2F3034 Joanne FOX 1:23:52.5
4F3034 Mirabella TINIO 1:27:23.4
4F3539 Alison THOMPSON 1:36:44.6
1F4044 Stephanie KIEFFER 1:20:36.1
1M4549 Andrew TUOVINEN 1:10:57.0
1F4549 Brownyn MASSON 1:37:24.3
4M5054 Clayton REICHERT 1:30:25.5