February 27th is Pink Day...

It doesn't matter if its in a school, an office, a home or socially, bullying has no place in our community.

We are quick to condemn bullying in our schools, workplaces and homes, but for some reason we can have a blind spot for bullying in the sport community.

After all sport is about being tough.
Being strong.
Being in control.
Being a winner.

Whether it is a shove, a punch, a fight, a nasty word, a yelling match, or something as innocent as initiating or spreading gossip...

Bullies are mean. They engage in nasty, disrespectful and hurtful behaviour. Their intention, whether conscious or unconscious, is to control. To do this, they diminish, humiliate and sabotage other people.

Bullying is harassment and it is abuse and neither promote a safe, welcoming environment.

Coaches can be bullies.
Athletes can bullies.
Parents and volunteers can be bullies.

Are you a bully?
Is someone you know a bully?
Do you know someone being bullied?

It doesn't matter if someone gets physically or psychologically beaten up. The victim has to face humiliation, attacks on their self-esteem, their self-worth and possibly even character defamation. It leaves people feeling unwanted, isolated, persecuted, confused and often angry.

Stop and think about it.

The victims of bullying rarely step forward, so it sup to use to step forward for them. Let's all show our support to End Bullying in our community and wear pink February 27, 2008.

Now do something about it.

Alan and Andrew

BTW guess who just took a few workshops on sport and law that resonated with them...