LETC 1600 m TT #2

Here they are... the February one mile time trial results.

We have a new King and Queen of speed.

The time trial opened with Martina putting it on the line and trying to take both the men's and women's titles in one effort. She was on track for the first half, but not this time. The guys managed to salvage their dignity in the final 800.

The battle for the men's title came down to the final 200 m as Doug dethroned Rob on the final lap of the mile, taking the shiny tiara from Princess in the process. No tears were shed, but there will definitely be a rematch knowing that Rob is liking his new secret training technique known as "working hard".

BTW Coach Andrew doesn't count in the standing...

Here are the results; showing name, time and your pace per 200 m*, which you should know!!!

Andrew 04:52 00:37
Doug 05:27 00:41
Rob 05:30 00:41
Martina 05:37 00:42
Harry 05:52 00:44
Richard 05:57 00:45
Jessica 06:04 00:46
Mirabella 06:10 00:46
Linda 06:12 00:47
Brian 06:14 00:47
Kristina 06:15 00:47
Stacy 06:37 00:50
Chris 06:41 00:50
Heather 06:41 00:50
Amy 06:47 00:51
Keith 06:50 00:51
Yvonne 06:57 00:52
Clayton 07:07 00:53
Alison 07:16 00:54
Joyce 07:17 00:55
Doneen 07:19 00:55
Bronwyn 07:39 00:57
Christine 07:56 00:59
Marie 08:29 01:04
Mary** 09:17 01:10
Harold 12:10 01:31

** 1200 m only

Well done everyone. Next month we up the distance to a 5 km time trial, but in training though...

Remember, this Saturday is the LETC training duathlon down at Iona Park. Be there all set up ready to warm up at 10:00 am.

Alan & Andrew

*Your one mile pace is a good estimate of the minimum speed you need to run at to get peak oxygen consumption and close to your peak heart rate. Doing multiple 200-1000 m pieces at that pace will give you huge long term fitness gains, and with sufficient rest, minimize fatigue too.