LETC 1600 m TT #1

Our LETC Thursday run this week was our initial 1600 m time trial. Yeah, its that time already; performance evaluations.

Performance evaluations are an essential tool for feedback on how your training is progressing. They are part of a feedback system consisting of;

  • training
  • evaluating performance
  • reviewing the training completed
  • adapting the training plan
  • training again

As with all training you have to start somewhere! As such, it is very important to remember a few things about performance evaluations;

  1. Individual: Don't bother comparing your results to others. That is what races are for! Performance evaluations in training are for your own use to evaluate how you are responding to your training.
  2. Long term: You have to commit to evaluating your performance(s) every 4-8 weeks depending on how much training you are doing and what your goals are.
  3. Specific: As triathletes, performance evaluations should take place in all three sports and address; fitness, technical skill, tactics, psychology and if you have time, flexibility and strength.

Good record keeping is essential to getting the most out of evaluations. So... record your performance evaluation times and distances.

Do a self evaluation of your technique, what was good, what needs fixing, what was better than last time?

Review your tactics. Did you pace that as planned, where did you lose time, how did your tactics improve from the last evaluation? Did you prepare for the evaluation properly? i.e. warm up well, eat well, hydrate well, etc.

Lie down on your virtual psychologist's couch and evaluate your mental approach to the evaluation.

A full performance evaluation should tell you a lot about your preparation. What were your strength? What were your weaknesses? If you were to look at yourself as one of your opponents on race day, what opportunities would you have to defeat yourself? How would you be perceived as a threat?

Enough talk!

And now, almost live... and feeling dead at the same time, we give you a quick glimpse at what you looked like in your time trial.

Splits to come if you can't DIY