Blind triathlete "looking" for a guide

Hiya LETC peeps!

An ex-Paralympic blind cyclist is looking to try triathlon in 2008 and she is looking for a female guide to help her compete and train.

As her guide you will learn to guide her in the swim, pilot her on a tandem bike (yes you have to work as well) and run guiding her using a short tether. She is completely blind but has ridden extensively on the track and road at the National and International level including the 2004 Paralympics, she runs regularly and used to swim competitively before she lost her vision.

At this time she is not too concerned about a guide of similar or better fitness, she is just looking to try it out. She has access to a tandem bike already, and training as a tandem pilot can be arranged (for you!) through BC Blind Sports.

If you're interested, contact Alan or leave a comment with your contact details to be passed on to her (but not posted).