Sunday August 26 aproaches

For all the LETC Ironman guys and gals, have a great day tomorrow! We all know you'll do super well and have the experience of a lifetime.

Remember that you can follow everyones' IMC progress on and follow the race as it happens!

For those few lost souls still in town, there is not organized workout this weekend. However, here are some choices;

  • preview the Vancouver Triathlon swim, bike and run courses around Stanley Park
  • watch the Jericho Oceanman multisport race (swim-paddle-run) from the Jericho sailing center scheduled for a 10 am start. They will have a 500 m swim course set up you can poach a few laps from, or even show up early and ask if any teams are missing swimmers or runners and see what you can get. Apparently the post race BBQ is amazing!

Go LETC Ironman triathletes!