LETC weekly update

Hiya All,

Here is your weekly update on where we're at.


  • Bike / combo workout: for those racing in the next month- you're doing a bike -run combo workout. For those not racing, you can do either a combo or simply a bike workout. We are meeting at Cuppa Joe for 6:30 pm and heading up to University Heights Elementary school on Chancellor for the workout.


  • Track workout: Its pace work time again (still). Meet at the 16th and Discovery track for 6:30 pm


  • Long easy distance bike workout: in your training groups: default for those unsure of which group to join meet at Cuppa Joe for 8 am.


  • Training triathlons (short course peeps) or an open water/run combo (IMC peeps). All taking place at Sasamat Lake.
  • After the workout(s) we're having a pot luck at Andrew's cabin in Belcarra (5-20 min from Sasamat depending on whether you get pulled over for failing to wear your seat belt...). This event is weather dependent- so be ready! While it is pot luck, its also bring your own BBQ-able foods.

S'all for now!

Alan & Andrew