July 16-22 update

This week's LETC workout schedule is as follows;


  • BIKE: meet at time trial start area at the corner of SW Marine and Camosun for a 6:30 start. This is another team time trial extravaganza of 2-3 x 16 km. Get ready for the LETC Team triathlon!
    1. Teams of 6-8 riders
    2. Teams of 3-4 riders
    3. Teams of 2-4 riders


  • RUN: meet at the last parking lot on the flats along Spanish Banks for a fartlek trail run. Fartlek is Swedish for speed play and consists of going fast on either uphills, downhills or flats and easy elsewhere. What will we do? Show up and find out...


  • BIKE: coordinate your groups based on your scheduled workout. The default start time and location is Cuppa Joe at 8:00 am


  • Ironman athletes: long swim in Sasamat at 8:00 am followed by your scheduled long run
  • non-Ironman athletes: training team-triathlons at Sasamat 8:00 am start at White Pine Beach
    • team triathlons will be 2-6 persons teams who draft together on the swim, bike and then do a relay run. Should be fun, fast and exciting!
    • Here is a map of the venue and race route

Lattah peepo

Leading Edge Triathlon Club

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