LETC Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday update


Meet at Cuppa Joe ready to go at 6:30 pm. We are riding hills all night, so get out your polkadot jerseys and little gears… The initial part of the workout is short steep, high power climbs and the second part is longer continuous climbing. FYI IM folk will do less of part one and more of part 2; Olympic Distance fold will do an even mix of both depending on your goals and fitness; and a few poor souls will do lots of each J


So here’s the scoop on Thursday’s thirst for pacing, stamina & determination:

  • Everyone is to converge @ Jericho Pk East (our usual spot from previous sessions). This where the 1st Lifeguard Station and Concession stand is, where the gravel pathways begin near Jericho Tennis Club is.
  • The warm-up commences @ precisely 6:30pm.
  • We are heading west on the pathways near the base of Spanish Banks to Run Hill Repeats. * Warning: This is a slightly longer warm-up and cool-down (up to 20 min 1-way).
  • We are running hills in preparation for the Peach Classic next weekend, no excuses on race day after this.
  • Bring LOTS of fluids as it is a long workout and will be a HOT one too!

Look fwd to witnessing glistening fluidity through human performance. In other words, we’ll enjoy watching you suffer in the crippling heat!


Enough LETC members are skipping Squamish and the Desert Half to schedule an open water swim / training triathlon session at Sasamat Lake. The plan is arrive at the gates by 8:00 am, get T1/T2 set up ASAP and ready for either a long easy swim (IM group) or training triathlons (everyone else).

We may be “in luck” with a warm overcast day on Sunday which means less beach traffic. However, if it is sunny and warm, the beach will get very busy and we’ll need to be very careful!


After the Sunday workout we’re invited over to Andrew’s pad in the sticks for a potluck. A real potluck, so no coordinating who brings what- just bring it on! If we have 20 deserts so be it, just brush your teeth more. Details on how to get there will follow as soon as we figure that out ourselves… turn left at the big fir tree, right at the bear scat, left past the bush that looks like Shirley Bassey…


Drew 604-340-6767 and Alan 604-908-0080