Saturday Mini-Tri's at Sasamat Lake

Here is the scoop for Saturday.

Andrew will facilitate the session and we will follow our well tried format of running multiple smaller training tris consisting of;

  • 300-400 m swims,
  • 8 km bike,
  • 800-1600 m run

We will mostly likely do 2-3 of these. Anyone wishing to spend more time swimming in Sasamat can do that instead of all the training tris.

The park opens at 8:00 am, so please plan on being there at 8:00. We will set up the transition zone will be at the first beach you come to when you drive in to the park (we use White Pine beach but that covers two beaches- so choose the one as far to the left as possible when facing the lake). Once we can get into the lake, set up your gear as fast as possible and Andrew will set the warm-up for the group.

If you have questions or get lost, call Andrew at 604.340.6767