LETC Wednesday bike: Cypress hill climb

You guys will love this workout! The weather looks great for a scamper up Cypress.

We are meeting at the base of Cypress at the intersection of Cypress Bowl Road and Cypress Lane (near the gates and sign for Mulgrave Academy).

Please meet, ready to ride up the hill at 7:00 PM. Make sure you have a warmed up for at least 10 min before we begin. The ride will be a reverse pursuit where slower riders go first and faster riders start last. The finish is at the nordic ski station NOT the alpine, so when you make it to 12 and a bit km, hand a right and keep climbing that last bit to the ski station cabins. If you are super pooped and falling over, watch out for bears! There was a medium sized black bear there on Sunday.

If you do see a bear, alter the bear to your presence by shouting out, coughing discretely but avoid texting the bear as reception is poor on the mountain. You can chose to avoid it completely and do a U-turn or if the bear has noticed you you can ride by cautiously keeping as much distance as possible between you and the bear. Whatever the bear says about a picnic, do not approach it.

Once you finish, go back down to ride beside and cheer on your team mates. Same rules apply on the downhill. When you get to the bottom do a U-turn and climb back up to the last rider down.

A few reminders about riding the North Shore climbs;

  • It can be cold up there! It can get very cold on the descents even in summer. BTW there is still snow near the top…
  • Remember to being warm gear for the way down if you think you might feel the cold even a little bit!
    • Arm warmers, long sleeve jersey or light wind jacket,
    • Leg warmers or tights,
    • Wind vest,
    • Booties,
    • Thermal gloves, etc.

  • As it will be getting darker for the descent, consider a lighter coloured lens(es) for your glasses if you have one. You'll be in and out of shadows and bright light that can affect your vision and safety.
  • Bring something to eat at the top and on the way up.
  • Bring plenty of fluids for the way up and down.

Have fun and we'll see you ready to go at 7:00 PM!

Alan & Andrew