Oliver Race Report

Thanks to Deb for writing up the following race report from Oliver:

Wow. The “Amazing Persona Oliver 1/2 Iron” is finished.

I believe the big news was the weather, a heat wave hit hard – and hit some harder then others. It has taken me a few days to absorb what happened and to cool off. The greatest part of the event was not news to me, it was how amazing LETC was. As always, LETCers competed hard, reached goals or PB’s and, very importantly, were amazing ambassadors of this sport. I relied heavily on the support of my teammates and was never disappointed; I got great advice, encouraging words and amazing smiles and I saw LETCers extend that kindness to all athletes and volunteers alike.

Well…I am glad this is what I think about two days after the race, because during the race I was thinking lots of bad words. I thought the women’s swim start was pretty rough, although I always expect a certain number of kicks to the face, I have never experienced them at every turn of the buoy! It was my first time being stripped! Having my wetsuit stripped was very comical, but amazingly efficient. I heard that Stan was dragged all over the lawn, his wetsuit tightness to weight ratio was a bit uneven!

I was very grateful that the mount line was not at the end of the transition gated area, the women had quite a trot from their bike racks to the mount line as it was. I enjoyed the bike course and was glad that it was still fairly cool while we were out there. It was nice to see the fruit orchards up close, identify a few bird species, and wave to the farm hands. I have never seen so much dropped stuff on a small part of the course – (that really nice paved hill that turned into rough pavement) I felt like I was on a slalom course! Why did everyone drop their drinks, gels and pumps there?! Anyhow, I digress, the headwinds were certainly unwelcome, but I did get to chat with Marnie and Colleen and that was most welcome.

The run…HADES! HOT! HOT! HOT! I wonder how many people would have perished had it not been for the amazing aid stations, and those thoughtful residents that sprayed us from their garden hoses. I was seriously contemplating dropping out after the first loop where I was unable to find my running legs, but a sweet man (#56) encouraged me with, “you will be disappointed if you don’t finish, and get the hardware”. Of course the club was out in full force, looking like a million bucks, shouting tips and good wishes and Brian shared his mantra with me, ”Keep moving forward”.

Thanks everyone! Thanks to teammates, thanks to loved ones (mine and others!), to the best coaches, to volunteers, to kind Oliver residents and to random people who made a difference. Good Job LETC.