LETC road etiquette and conduct

A quick, simple and serious reminder to all LETC members,

Whether you are in your LETC club gear or not, on a group ride or all by your lonesome, there are some basic cycling etiquette rules we must follow in order to share the road with others. The spirit of these also apply when swimming and running.

  • Safety first: this is rule #1, #2, #3, etc. Always keep your safety and the safety of those around you as your top priority. Never assume someone else is responsible for your safety on the road.
    • A speeding car is much more dangerous than one at the speed limit,
    • A driver on a cell phone has the reaction time and alertness of a drunken driver,
    • Riding unpredictably causes more risk to you and other cyclists than cars,
    • Bike wreck related injuries are avoidable IF you take responsibility for your own actions!
  • Share the road: at all times respect the traffic laws. As a cyclist this means you behave as if you were a car;
    • Stop at all controlled intersection,
    • Obey traffic signs,
    • Stay in the right hand lane or to the right hand side of a single lane,
    • Stay off sidewalks and lawns other than your own (when riding),
    • Do not block intersections,
    • Leave room for cars to go past on your left, even when you are riding at the speed limit,
  • Be an ambassador for active living: leave others with a positive memory of an active lifestyle (i.e. cycling) not irate over your behaviour or the behaviour of those you are with. We all need to be responsible for this as all too many times club sports and fitness groups hog roadways and sidewalks, block trails, swarm or trample bystanders and pedestrians, etc.

Take the higher ground and apologize if you think you or the group did wrong.

Thanks for helping keep LETC the GVRD's best little triathlon club.

Alan and Andrew (in absentia)

FYI Andrew is actually competing this Weekend along with Bronwyn and Clayton at the Wildflower Triathlon in California