LETC message to da pee-po

This Wednesday is the first LETC bike – run combo workout for 07. As planned we meet at Cuppa Joe on 4th just west of Alma at 6:30 pm

While these workouts are heavily bike workout oriented, they allow us to be triathletes and that means working the bike-run transition (aka T2).

Brick workouts (an easy bike followed by an easy run) teach you how to run when your legs are tired from a long bike. T2 workouts teach you to be fast off the bike, fast in T2, and fast on the run. We’re not going at easy pace, so be ready for some good honest work, and you’ll learn very fast how to run when your legs are pooped from a hard bike.

So, things to remember for combo workouts;

  • Running shoes: bring your racing shoes if you have them. Andrew and Alan recommend you invest $10 on elastic laces or something similar so you can have fast transitions that don’t require fiddling with shoe laces.
  • Biking gear: please make sure you have your bike set up as you will in a triathlon- aero bars, fluids, etc.
  • T2 gear: towel to stand on, small stool or step to sit on, race belt (elastic belt for your race number. We won’t use numbers in training, but its part of your gear for the run), hat, etc.
  • Smiles 
  • Bribes for the coaches

On the LETC horizon-

  • Saturday April 21: Delta Triathlon
  • Sunday April 22: LETC 500 & 100 m swim TT (even for Delta tri folk)
  • Wednesday April 25: 16 or 32 km bike TT + 1-3 km run TT (meet at Camosun and Marine like last month- arrive early to set up T2 near finish line)
  • Thursday April 26: 5 km run TT (Point Grey track)