LETC storms the Sun Run!

Reports are coming in slowly, but it sounds like LETC members had some great results at the Sun Run this weekend;

Andrew Tuovinen 34:40 top 100!
Dave Taylor 39:10
Martina Wan 40:46 PR top 100!- but robbed of the top 100 list :(
Dave Taylor 39:10
Martina Wan 39:10
Stephanie Kieffer 42:05 PR gun time (41:40 clock time) *
Elvis Cepus 42:45
Kristina Bangsma 43:30
Erin Bigelow 46:17
Andrew Harlos 46:17 (hmm who paced who?)
Bronwyn Mason 52:29

*after a 4:00 hour bike on Saturday! Stephanie then ran home to finish off her scheduled 2:00 hour "easy" session.

Did we miss you, let us know!