Pot O' Gold

Now that we have your attention...

Chung and Wendy would like to pass on a message about a fundraiser they are helping out with for abandonned dogs. JJ the LETC mascot fully endorses this effort as well. Give it a read and help the puppies out if you can.


Just putting it out there if anyone wants to head out for good time on St. Paddy's day AND help to raise funds for two great dogs.

Some of may have heard my rantings already about Boz or maybe have seen his story on CTV or one of the local papers.. Boz was the pup that was left for dead with his mouth wired shut, then we find that both his legs were broken and now his xrays showed the he has fractures in his skull... The poor guy had gone through so much and yet, when you meet him, you'd never know the pain he's gone through.. He is truly a gem ! A kissy one at that!

Then there is the cutie PopTart, she also a wonderful love bug that had the worst luck. First with mange and just recently had perfuse bleeding from her muscles/fatty tissue. She had to have all her organs taken out to where the she was bleeding and ended up having ligating fatty tissue in spots to stop the bleeding. Good thing is that she is recovering but is at higher risk for future surgeries.
Anyhoos, IF you can, please come out and support our cause and meet some really great people... If can't join us on the 17th, please pass this around and spread the word or maybe consider participating in our raffle. (Tix are 1 for $1 / 3 for $2 / 10 for $5 ) Prizes are posted on the Bully Buddies website.

I can get the tix for you as well, just let me know.

Thanks so much for your time.