LETC off season results update

Running: aka event #3 to triathletes
Steveston Ice Breaker 8 km Sunday January 28

Coach Andrew 34th in 29:10 (5th in age group)
Chung Cheung 91st in 33:31 10th in age group
Joanne Fox 146th in 37:05 (11th in age group)
Andrew Louie 147th in 37:06 (15th in age group)
Teresa Nicolson 206th in 41:24 (6th in age group)
Alison Thompson 209th in 41:30 (15th in age group)
Bronwyn Masson 234th in 43:50 (11th in age group

Cross-Country Skiing: the king of aerobic sports

Jean Yves Sauriol

  • January 16 Sigge's Tuesday Night race #3 9.5 km skate: 6th pace in 31:01
  • January 28 Overlander Marathon 50k skate: 14th place in 2:38 (4th in age group)
  • February 3 Cariboo Marathon 50 km classic: 6th place in 3:07 (2nd in age group)

Coach Alan

  • December 12 Sigge's Tuesday Night race #1 4.75 km classic: 14:34 for 4 seconds slower than predicted time. Closest to predicted time but eliminated 'cause you can't go slower than what you predicted!

Paddle sports: swimming fitness and ability help, but only if you don't fall in!

  • Coach Alan January 27 Pacific North West Winter Series race #1 11 km surfski: 1st place in 49:58

LETC members: send us your off season results