February 3: Snowman?

Weather this Saturday is once again forcing you to sleep in before the LETC bike ride.

With a low of -1ºC and high of 4ºC with rain being forecast, we will begin the group ride at 11:00 am. There may well still be some icy spots in the low lying areas near the water and at higher elevations. Please dress appropriately and be prepared to modify the ride route as safety requires.

Alan will be xc skiing as it should be snowing on Cypress while raining in Vancouver. If you would like to join in the ski, I am giving 30-45 minutes of skate or classic skiing lessons to tri club members from 9:00-9:30/9:45. Please RSVP to Alan by Friday afternoon if you’d like to join in. Rentals are available on the hill. If you are renting, plan on arriving by 8:15 to get everything rented and ready to go by 9:00.

Alan & Andrew