Saturday RAINMAN

Your LETC coaches conferred this afternoon about the Saturday ride and the weather forecast.

We both felt that given the colder AND wetter forecast for Saturday we are safer canceling the official LETC ride. Cold dry weather is not much of an issue. However, cold wet weather on the bike increases the risk of hypothermia enough to be an unsafe risk for all.

The season is long, and a slight delay such as this is not a big obstacle in the long run. Andrew will work you hard on Tuesday instead…

Realizing that Saturday rides are important, we will suggest a number of alternatives;

  • INDOOR RIDE: rent a movie or series of TV episodes on DVD and get to it. If you can’t do it alone, contact someone else in the club and ride together. A number of you may wish to get together and rent a room in a community center and have an indoor group ride.
  • XC SKI: Cypress had a good dump of snow the past 48 hours and skiing is great. Any LETC xc skiers can meet at the ticket booth at 9:00 am. This is not a coached or organized LETC session given the short notice.
  • SNOWSHOE: Cypress has great snowshoe trails. $20 rents you snowshoes and if you want flatter trails a $10 trail ticket is needed. Otherwise get to it and head up the Summit trail to Hollyburn Ridge and back for an “old school” workout.
  • RAINMAN WORKOUT: for those who absolutely need to get out and ride, we’d suggest (unofficially) that you meet (unofficially) at the Wired Monk at 11:00 am once it has warmed up slightly. We don’t like this option, but we recognize some of you need a fix. Please make sure you have the correct clothing for the weather.

Sunday is as scheduled; swim at 8:00 am and run at 9:30 am

Alan & Andrew