Jan 13-14 update

Bike bells ringing, are you listening?
Ice the lane...
Snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we're exhausted by night
From running in our winter underwear...

Now that you're in the mood for cold weather, a quick not to confirm the Saturday bike ride is X-nayed. It is not on. It is off. Cancelled.

Too cold, too icy, too dangerous.

For those of you needing a fix as part of your 2007 resolutions, you can do a 1-2 hour spin on your indoor trainer OR join the brave LETC xc skiers on Cypress mountain for 1+ hours of winter fun & games.

The LETC XC group will meet by the Nordic Cafe at 9:00. Please have all your gear ready (i.e. rented & waxed) and trail ticket in hand. Plan on arriving on Cypress by 8:30 if you need to rent gear and all season tires are essential for a safe trip up and down the mountain! Alan has to work his real job Saturday, so this is an uncoached session.

Sunday we're in the pool at 8:00 AM sharp.

Not walking onto the pool deck at 8:00 or parking at 8:00.

In the pool ready to start at 8:00...

After the swim Andrew will lead an easy run at 9:30 from the pool and Alan will head up to Cypress for a xc ski session. Feel free to join in either uncoached group activity.

Alan & Andrew