LETC Haloween Fiesta

These are some photos from borrowed from our club mascot and honorary hound JJ the vizsla. He documented the triathlon club's recent Hallowe'en party, whitch he was invited to. Did you catch that pun?

JJ was wearing a costume too, see if you can spot him in the photos that follow.

Alan & Andrew

Village People vs Big Hair bands, your choice.

Why clowns give me the willies, it's the company they keep!

Let the medieval grape crusing begin...

"I'm a pretty girl, no wait... I'm confused"

Late night at the Oasis...

And I thought wearing the muzzle at the vet that one time was humiliating.

Is this guy a butcher or a messy eater? Or a nose bleed?

Did you see me? Did you see me?

Joeri looks a little constipated if you ask me.

The truth about clowns, let it be known.

That Big Hair band boy again.

And his aerobics instructor... right...

Talk about needing a comb and a few pointers in personal hygiene!

An assortment of my triathlon training buddies, in disguises.

A woman of leisure, or who likes pink.

The Grapes of Wrath were in a good mood, must have been the wine.