Year-end All Hallow’s Eve Party

Come one, come all to see the Amazing Pegasus Dog! Friday October 27, two weeks after Friday the 13th

Show up around 6:00 pm at the Reichert’s lair (1961 West King Edward). Costumes are mandatory as is the contribution of a potluck appetizer, salad or desert. Kathy and Clayton will cook-up some kind of “protein like substance” (i.e. road kill roasts) for a main course and we will depend on the rest of the group’s potluck skills to fill in the gaps.

Get your costume ready!

2007 LETC Planning

Here is a brief update on LETC's plans to become a not-for-profit society.

We have had interest from a number people in helping LETC in this transition and stand for election to the initial LETC Board of Directors; Mary, Alison, Deb, Andrew and Karen. If anyone else is interested please send Alan an e.mail to indicate so.

Ideally we will have a variety of people including swim-bike-run members and bike-run members, people who have been in the club for both years and people who joined this year, and people who are or are not being privately coached

There are three important LETC meetings coming up;

  1. Club Fees Review: sometime in the next two weeks we will call a meeting to discuss club fees. These will then be set and communicated to the membership.
  2. Quasi-Strategic Planning Session: one week before the AGM (date TBA) we will have a planning session to help direct us LETC into a not for profit model. This meeting is mandatory for anyone looking to be on the board of directors
  3. LETC AGM: this meeting (date TBA) is to elect the Directors for LETC and outline the upcoming season.

And the question of the day is, "What big news do Mike and Janet have for us?"