LETC Flatlands 10 km race report

LETC members and friends cleaned up at the Flatlands 10 km run on Sunday in spite of rather wet conditions. Fortunately, the rain eased off to allow most of the runners to finish the race in moderate conditions.

Leading the way was Stan Rogowski. His 40:37 PR was good enough for 32nd overall and a third in his age category. Stan was only 22 seconds behind first in his age category. Congratulations, Stan!

Joanne Fox’s time of 48:04 placed her fifth in her age category and 110th overall. Joanne looked very strong at the finish.

Alison Thompson came in at 51:17 for an 11th place finish in her age category and 159th overall, followed very closely by Bronwyn Masson running a 51:29 PR for third in her age category (161st overall). Paced by Alison and Bronwyn, Teresa Nicolson came in at 52:03 for a fifth in her age category and 168th overall. Teresa did tell me that this was her best time.

Rebecca Marshall ran a strong race, finishing at 41:58 for 2nd in her age category while Erin Kennedy came in at 42:19 for a first in her age category. Chris Cooper also did an excellent run in a time of 50:14 and an 11th place finish in his age category.

Lastly, Mary Battell did an excellent job of telling all the racers that there was a turn around coming up. She was assisted in this task by a large black sign that said, “Turn around” and about 30 orange cones on the road.

From Mary Battell