LETC in Lausanne at 2006 ITU World Championships

by Stephanie

If you want race details....it started off bad.

As luck would have it I was right between two decent swimmers and got the impression in the first 50 m that everyone was going to do 21 minutes. Not having open water to myself really bugged me and I really pushed the start. When I got the open water I was unable to catch my breath and three times I actually flipped on to my back (bet you don't see that often in a race).

Our Stephanie leds the pack in the swim

Taking off my wet suit actually ran through my head but a little self talk and some pounding on my feet by the woman who was wondering why her draft had dramatically slowed down got me going again. I tried the funky turn with the backstroke, but had not realized that the buoy turn was 110 degrees not 90 degrees and found myself underneath it and coming out the wrong side. I had a great view of the offical standing in the boat watching the turns and wonder if there was a DQ coming my way.

On the way to the swim finish there were two swans I had to swim between. I slowed a little as I had images of being attacked by angry swans....they are big. I wonder briefly if Stan would swim between them, hesitated a bit and went for it.

Now transition. They were not serving coffee but rather had the longest transition ever!! We ran 900 m out of the water to the end of transition and then 200 m to the bike and 600 m with the bike. Someone actually measured it and figured in total we would be running 2.7 km during the two transitions (in bare feet).

The bike was not bad. I almost fell trying to put my shoes on but managed to get my feet on the ground take a big breath and try again to put the feet in the shoes while clipped in.

Each loop the uphill was longer but less steep and got harder and harder. I was actually slowed down by some of the older women on the downhills, although there were times I was on the brakes more than I should have been. There were three downhills each loop and one had 10 m of cobble stones... I guess you just can't have a race in Europe without cobble stones. The third time down the cobble stone hill I had just refilled my water bottle and Accelerade spilled everywhere.

Unfortunately the bike took a lot out of the run. Although I passed three runners in my age group my legs were wiped and the heat was getting to me. This felt like my weak spot on the race and the major goal for next year.

The Canadian fans from the beer garden were the best!

Running in and feeling the heat, the hilly bike and wishing for a few more kilometers!

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So, I ended up 11th again but that is respectable.

In 2010 we are going for top 5!

Alan: Stephanie finished 11th in her age group and Heather finished 71st in her category. For full results.