How hard can a 3 km bike and 1 km run workout be?

That was a question all 25 LETC members were asking as they planned for a leisurely Tuesday evening combo workout.

Plenty tough was the verdict when we finished the first set!

We were up on Chancellor Blvd. near Pacific Spirit Park for this combination bike-run workout. The ride was out and back on Chancellor with University Hill Elementary school as our transition area. The run headed back into Pacific Spirit Park down toward Marine Drive. With a rather nasty 400 m long hill at the half way point.

Those club members racing in Kelowna this weekend or Ironman Canada did 2 sets of a 3 km bike + 0.8 km run course taking 6:00 minutes rest between sets. The effort level was race pace (either Olympic distance or IM pace). This lucky group skipped "the hill".

The rest were tasked with three sets of the 3 km bike + 1.6 km run (including the 400 m downhill - 400 m uphill at halfway). The effort level was faster than pace, up to all out. Needless to say, as soon as you get 2 or more triathletes of similar ability together the pace rapidly becomes all out, winner takes it all.

We saw some fast transitions and excellent efforts in the workout. Looks like all the training is paying off with some solid fitness across the board!

Wednesday's 1,600 m running time trial will seem like a piece of cake!

Alan & Andrew