Abbotsford Triathlon Race Report

Race report by Andrew Harlos

The 2nd annual Abbotsford Triathlon was held this past weekend, July 23rd, at Walmsley Lake and despite the hot weather several LETC members took part in the Olympic distance event and put up some great results.

Walmsley Lake, since most people have never heard of it, is a tiny puddle of water near the Abbotsford airport. The water is warm. Very warm in fact as race morning measurements had the temperature at 24 deg. meaning racers were not allowed to use wetsuits. This was the realization of my own worst fear and had me mentally checking the locations of the kayakers on the course just in case I felt the urge to drown.

Following the swim the bike course took racers out around the airport and along a very flat and enjoyable course through the raspberry fields in Abbotsford. Finally the run consisted of six hot, sun-drenched loops of Walmsley Lake. This was great for spectators although racers were subjected to the mental anguish of running past the finish line 5 times.

Annemieke Eijgelaar was top LETC finisher with an outstanding performance at 2:29:31. Quite an accomplishment with temperatures soaring into the high 30s.

Mary Battell also had a great showing on the course placing first in her age group. Congratulations Mary!

For me, this was my first ever triathlon and all I can say is, I had a blast. Despite being nervous about the swim and the transitions, my race went off without and hitch and I finished with a big smile on my face. I think this speaks volumes about the great coaching and preparation we get with LETC. A big thank you to Alan and Andrew.

Thanks also go to Erin Bigelow for being the official LETC cheerleader.

One thing that needs mentioning…there is a rumor that the swim course on this race was a little short. The top swimmers were in ahead of world record pace so there might be some truth to that however I’d like to believe we were all just that fast.

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Andrew Harlos