Kit's CC theft

(from Alison)

There was a break-in at Kits Community Centre tonight during our run and a number of wallets were stolen. KCC have video footage of a guy breaking into the room - no idea if we'll be allowed to see it so we can hunt him down and, well, do whatever triathletes do when they get mad.

If your wallet is missing and you think it was taken tonight please do the following.

  1. Call the Vancouver Police at 604-717-3321 to report the theft. A break-in report has been lodged with the Police, when calling refer to incident number 06147090.
  2. While you have your phone out, call your bank and credit card companies and report your cards stolen.
  3. If you're a dummy like me and have your SIN in your wallet, call HRDC at 800-206-7218 to report it stolen and,
  4. For good measure, call the credit reporting agencies Equifax (800-465-7166) and Trans Union (800-663-9980) and ask them to put a note on your file that your ID has been stolen and not to issue any new credit.

Grrr - the only time I bring my wallet to a run .....