Canadian Long Course Championships!

Congratulations to all LETC triathletes who took up the challenge and competed in the 2006 Canadian Long Course Championships!

Coach Drew reporting:
"Our club had 15 athletes (11 indiv. & 4 on relays) represented, all of which were new to the 1/2 iron distance (excepting Elvis). Despite their lack of experience, as the coach-in-view, I was VERY impressed with what I saw. Every one I spoke to as well had nothing but positive feedback regarding their performance. AND, our club was by far the most vocal when it came for Steph and Jean Yves to collect at the awards ceremony! I've always recognized the simple fact that this club has a winning attitude... now we can be proud of winning medals @ our National Championships! Great efforts to everyone!"

Deb has set up a dedicated blog to document the club's experience at this event. So please visit LETC hit the 1/2

LETC had some excellent results with two silver medals collected by Jean-Yves and Stephanie! And a number of long course newbies earned their stripes, well some would call them chafe marks.

Way to go everyone!
If we missed anyone from the list, let Alan know and we'll fix it ASAP.

For those of you who were wondering what the wallflowers at home were up to; they ate butter tarts and muffins and Sasamat Lake while you guys toiled away. It was rough you know, no where to wash our hands without walking 200 m!

Brian and Amy sent in photos available to view here.