April 26 update

Club members received an updated program with the latest Tuesday run workouts / locations AND the swim times from Sunday April 23. If you remember your 50 m splits on the 100 m effort let me know.

For those who were conspicuously absent for yesterday’s bike time trial. Here are the details so you can do-it-yourself;

The start is 150-200 m west of the intersection of SW Marine Dr and Camosun Street. At the start please keep to the right on the shoulder, do not block the bike lane! We will start one rider every 15 seconds with the faster riders going last. Please keep track of your time at the ½ way and finish.

The turn around is the traffic light on Chancellor just as you enter the Pacific Spirit Park at the entrance to the school. The finish is by the “50 km/hr” sign on SW Marine approximately 100-200 m past the entrance to the Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club (you have to say that without moving your lower jaw so it sounds right).

Remember this time trial is for training only, so please keep to the right at all times and respect all traffic signs and signals and other users on the road.

May 2nd onward we are riding at 6:30 PM on Tuesday and as of this Saturday we will now meet at the Wired Monk at the corner of 4th @ Trafalgar right next to Speed Theory at 9:00 am

Remember the first LETC road trip of 2006 is coming up on May 13-14. Saturday May 13 is the Bare Bones duathlon (5-20-5) at 4:00 pm in Penticton, so we leave early Saturday morning, relax, race stay over in Penticton and then on Sunday we’ll do a long ride before heading home. Please let Andrew or Alan know if you’re interested.


Alan & Andrew