Howdy LETC!

Due to the rather cool weather forecast for Friday night (low -5º C) we are canceling the Saturday morning ride for safety reasons (frostbite, hypothermia, frozen patches on the road, drivers with frosty windshields, polar bears, etc.). Sunday will proceed as planned with a swim and run OR a frosty half-marathon.

Alison has been working on a deal for Fluid trainers through Tim at Westpoint Cycles. They are willing to offer us a deal on fluid trainers if we buy as a group. If we buy four (or more) he can give us a pretty sweet discount, his preferred trainer is the ClycleOps Fluid Trainer. The suggested retail for Canada is $399.00 (note that the suggested price on the website is in US$) and I've seen it in one local bike shop for $500.00. If we get four or more he'd sell to us for about $299.00 and the more people who buy the better deal he'll give us.

[Alan’s note] CycleOps trainers are quiet and very durable, an excellent option for apartment dwellers.

If you're interested in the deal let Alison know ASAP (nospmohta(at)gmail.com). We already have four people interested so the highest price would be $299, if more are interested the price is likely to drop depending on the numbers. Alison would like the final numbers by the weekend so she can get a final quote and, more importantly, get a trainer!

Alan & Andrew