LETC year end party

The long anticipated LETC year end party is upon us!

Friday October 28, 7:00 PM at Pat and Alana O’Connell’s at 3859 West 13th Ave. Please come around to the backyard as that is where the patio, hot tub and BBQs are.

This is a potluck BBQ style so please bring food to share.  And guys, no stopping at Safeway for pop and chips on the way there, we want real food!  However, if the Canadian Food Inspection Agency bans you from cooking for (our) health reasons plan ahead and order good food (as it is a BBQ be creative and go to Memphis Blues for take out).

Owen wanted to remind people that the hot tub is off limits for people with excessive gas, urinary or BM problems.  He reserves all rights to sanction exhibitionists (read Andrew) from indulging themselves.

As for whether this is a costume party, it is close to Halloween so be creative!

Alan and Andrew

PS if you have questions for our hosts please contact Pat and Alana

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