on the road again...

Hi guys,

I'm killing time between flights in Honolulu airport. I've stood in too many slow moving lineups today, carrying too many bags and staring vacantly into space. Drooling was optional and free.

For those who missed the talk, or tuned me out as all good athletes do, I will be away August 10-19 while attending meetings and do some surfski coaching in Hawai'i. I'll be in Maui for three days, then Honolulu for four days, then Kauai for three days. Don't worry I'll try to get outside in the sun and surf while working :)

Even though I am away this weekend, you still have training triathlons scheduled at Sasamat for 8:00 am Saturday morning. They will be 200-300 m swim, 6-7 km bike and 1.5-2 km run. I deally you'll do these at Olympic distance pace, not all out as a tune up for Nationals next weekend in Kelowna.

Enjoy the training, and I will check my e.mail when I can.