Rain, clouds, and a whiteout on Seymour

Where were you this Saturday?

Specifically, where were you when only six LETC members took on the now infamous Indian River Road climbs and Mount Seymour during our 3:00 hour ride. For the record, it only rained until 8:45, and after that it got sunnier and sunnier, warmer and warmer. That is apart from the thick white clouds sitting on Seymour reducing visibility to under 5 m at times and a slightly chilly, although relatively swift descent into sunshine after the grueling part.

There are also some sections no one seems to remember between kilometer markers 3-5 and 9-11…

Congratulations to Tam, Benny and Chung who completed Cypress last Saturday and Seymour this Saturday and to Jeremy and Mike who were big climb virgins before their blind date with Seymour. Extra points to Benny and Tam who also partied Friday night while the others rested up and carbo-loaded.

Here are the stats on the Mt. Seymour Hill Climb (North Vancouver)

Records: Men: 35:14 Olav Stana (1994) Women: 43:21 Leah Goldstein (2001)
Distance: 12.1k

Peak elevation:
Elevation gain: 890m
Average Gradient: 7.4%

Visit http://www.hlhap.com/azroadclimbs.html for more geeky/masochistic hill climb statistics

See everyone at White Pine Beach (Sasamat Lake) at 8:00 bells tomorrow (Sunday).

Alan, Andrew and Owen